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Kind words about my reiki practice

"Sunny has been there when I needed her! She has such healing energy. As Sunny lays her warm, healing hands on me during Reiki I feel so relaxed and come away more balanced. The few chosen words Sunny provides me at the end of the session allow me to spiritually reflect for sometime after. On a couple of occasions I have asked Sunny to lay her healing palms on our dog Maluhia — once right after his surgery and again when he had a bad leg. Maluhia relaxes into Sunny's energy. She is amazing!"
~ Char

celestial bauble

"My energy centers are combed free of debris, cradled and rebalanced, and my pilot light is lit. Her hands radiate incredible warmth even from some distance, and her intentions are clear, focused and positive. She has a deep healing ability. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her."
~ Nancy

human blood cell
Stephans Quintet

"I loved my reiki session. It was so calming. And I loved what you said to castigate my negative thoughts."
~ Valerie

"Sunny is warm and welcoming. As a first-time reiki recipient, I didn't know what to expect. I felt secure as we went through the session, and I finished feeling relaxed, grounded and in tune. I recommend her without reservation."
~ Ace

Cell Beauties

"My first session was an amazing and peaceful experience, one that left me feeling calm, relaxed, and cared for. The several sessions I've had with her have always concluded with an increased sense of serenity and well being, both emotionally and physically. It is a comfort that I would be happy to repeat!"
~ Brook


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